National Crimebeat Awards, How does it work?

There are two categories of awards:

Youth Led – is for groups where the idea for the project came from the young people who are then also responsible for running the project.

Adult Led – is for groups where the project was developed by others (adults) but where the young people have a significant role in the management and delivery of the project.

The young people should be aged between 5 and 25 years.

The projects should have a beneficial effect on the community outside of the group, therefore a project that just keeps youngsters off the street is not acceptable. It should be aimed at reducing and/ or preventing crime, well established, and with benefits already being achieved.

Some of the winners attending the ceremony are themselves vulnerable youngsters, some on the edge of crime or antisocial behaviour, but usually they have one thing in common – they have never been to London or had a trip on a ‘Big Bus’ or the ‘London Eye’. Equally, more often than not they have never been winners, either individually or as a group. National Crimebeat is a means to give them recognition, confidence and self-belief.

Three prizes are awarded in each category:

  •         First prize – £1,000
  •         Second prize – £750
  •         Third prize – £500

An additional £100 is awarded to the group judged to have made the best presentation at the awards ceremony.

For details of the projects of previous winning entries please see ‘Previous Winners’